Bearing Points when you practise 20-minute exercises on floor

How effective these exercises are is not measured by appearance; that somebody bends a lot and another looks stiff. Some people are naturally suppler than others. However, in a supple person, suppleness could be only in the partial body, not in the whole. So, let us move away from these words ‘supple’ or ‘stiff’ and respect our own unique reality. I think that, when we practise yoga exercises as bearing principle points with harmonised breath and mindfulness, everybody gets effects in a similar degree.

The video, during the first several seconds, shows important notes: Breathe through nose, Hamonise breath and movement, Flow at your own pace. I simplified these notes as much as possible in order not to make your mind busy, but these contain ‘Please do not force your body as holding breath’, that is to say, ‘Don’t do ‘push and push’ when you find your body not moving any farther against your expectation’. In this case, not all conditions may be fulfilled to move your body any father. A forcing action does not change a long-established status. Breath holding involves a conscious action and is used for a different purpose in yoga practice.

So, please let the video run by your side and practise at your breathing pace, and sometimes, visit this page to check the bearing points in each exercise, which will refine your practice.

Effects of Online Lessons

So far I have been receiving very good feedbacks, and so I think the attendees have been receiving benefits on physical aspects. Readers, please put your comments as you wish. Here in this post, I describe my own feedback about ‘Effects in mind occurring through Online Lessons’.

Yoga ultimately teaches one becoming one’s own master through finding that one’s own innate divinity is no difference from the divinity of natural law, which is enabling all phenomena of the universe to exists and occur. Oki-sensei put this into his unique expression “The life force is God”. Thus as each individual practising to be his/her own master, we respect and help each other and develop together – This is the ideal human society in Oki-sensei’s teaching.

As running 90-minute online lessons, I am realising this way of yoga lessons can serve very well enhancing our awareness towards the above mentioned.

1. As an English saying “You  can  lead a  horse  to  water, but  you  can’t  make  him  drink” indicates, it is the most basic importance that we must prepare ourselves to attend anything consciously willingly, if we want to produce its best effect. To attend online lessons, you may have to reschedule your daily routine, have to ask other members of your family to cooperate to your ‘Me’ time, have to prepare comfortable environment which helps you focus on your practice, have to prepare yoga kits yourself, not like jumping out of your house into a yoga studio. In a few words, basically you have to organise yourself to get ready for entering a special realm even for just 90 minutes. But, you can guess what will develop if you accumulate such self-discipline.

2. In online lessons, I don’t come around to give individual advice or point out this or that in order for you to adjust positions, speed or general intensity. Instead, you have to observe my demonstration when I show differences of positions at this angle or that, carefully listen to my explanation about inner sense that would occur according to small differences, and finally you have to communicate with your own inner sense. This kind of mental attentiveness is really a good practice to polish our inner sense. I believe it is a very important element to make physical exercises to yogic exercises. Using the body as a portal and developing conscious mind, yoga is a method to integrate the balance of the body, mind and spirit, throughout all levels of our existence. Even while giving for a short lesson each, I hope I am viewing this direction.

Some may feel put off using technology to attend yoga lessons. However, with positive feedbacks from both the attendees and myself, I am very happy to run the online lessons.

Change your perspectives

I have picked up some more words from Oki-sensei’s Japanese lecture given on 1978.9.29, as follow:

I think that all methods to lead us to saving, enlightening, restoring health or making wishes true are concluded only as one way. It is that we search, devise and make efforts to practise a way of living to make our innate life force happy. For example, our life force is happy when the body is flexible, the breathing is deep and when we take suitable nutrition, but it is not happy when we have poor elimination.

The other day when I gave a seminar to many business people, one of the questions I was asked was how one could earn good money in business. You can’t know how because you see a situation only from your point of view. Say, if you as a customer stand in front of your shop, is it a shop you would like to enter, or a shop you want to pay your money to? Think like this in different perspectives.

This means: you must have capacity to listen. If you want to make your life force happy, you must listen to its voice. Otherwise, you cannot enhance your natural recovery power even if you want to do so. Your life force is constantly appealing to you about what it needs. Please try to listen to those requests.

Also, always make a ‘yes’ response. A ‘yes’ response means that you respond to anything with a thankful mind.

Also, interpret and treat everything as a divine blessing given from the universe. Cultivate your mind so that it instantly works in this way, for example, even in a simple action of drinking a glass of water.

Also, when you deal in a particular situation, if you imagine as if you are a divine being, you will treat the situation in a better way.

These are from yoga training in Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi, Bakthi, Prasad and Buddhi.