Mishima – Unveiling the Stone Monument

On 8th November 2020 (Oki-sensei’s 101st birthday), at the site of Oki Yoga Shūdōjō, Mishima, Japan, was held a ceremony to unveil the stone monument. After that, a gathering party was held at Mishima Plaza Hotel. About 40-50 people attended both or either events. The project team sent me some photos and I share these here with you. Many people gave speeches for remembrance and celebration. As it was too far for me to travel and attend it, I do not know any more details. However, I was asked to send a message for the event. So I translate it into English and share it below, after showing you the photos. Many thanks for the photos to Hiroko Yoneyama and Shu Takeda.

Front of the stone. Two young trees are planted by both sides.
Back of the stone. Inscription and QR-code linked to Masahiro Oki Memorial Museum.
At the site. 450-1 Sawaji, Mishima-City, Shizuoka-Prefecture, Japan.
Mt Fuji seen from Mishima in the morning of 8th Nov 2020.
This shot was taken n 2020.10.02.

Tomoko’s message sent for the event : Many congratulations on completion of the stone monument at the site of Oki Yoga Shūdōjō. When you start this unveiling ceremony at 1 pm in Japan, it is 4 am in the UK. As thinking of your today’s joy, I would like to attend the celebration ceremony in my imagination.

I studied in the residential training under Oki-sensei in Mishima Dojo from 1980 till 1984. Then according to his instruction, I came over to the UK and have been engaged in the activity of Okido Yoga. I experienced many difficulties on those days I spent in Mishima-Dojo, but I feel they are treasure in my life. 

Since I left the dojo in 1984, I have visited this place twice, and at the time of my last visit in 2014, the dojo building existed no longer, but listening to the same sound of the stream running just as in the past days reminded me of my training days.

Everyone was learning and working hard on the eternal subjects of human beings: searching for truth and co-living happily. In other words, everyone was seeking a way of life to develop him/herself best as well as share, love, cooperate with each other. Oki-sensei provided the place and time for us to be able to learn towards it. I am really grateful for that blessing destiny to have been able to learn under his care.

I think this is a feeling commonly shared by all the people who came to his dojo from all over the world, seeking his teachings.

Regarding the project of this stone monument, I had opportunities to attend a couple of online meetings. I was impressed by the fact that the project team members were seriously tackling subjects given at a time and working together to find the best possible solutions in that given situation, including facing all small disagreements. I feel that this kind of our connection started when each individual of us came to Oki-seisei’s Dojo, has been supported by his teachings, and will be able to continue when we parctise his teachings as living teachings.

As the inscription says, “Those who learn from his teachings lay this stone”, anyone who heartily learns from Oki-sensei’s teachings can keep laying the stone in his/her heart. It will remind us of the origin and principles of Okido Yoga. And we can practise as well as talk about his teachings as living teachings. May this stone monument keep sending such a message from this place to elsewhere in the world!

Finally, I would like to thank people who protected this place after Oki-sensei had passed away in 1985, by continuing the activities for some years, or, even after those activities had ceased, by practically looking after the building and site for a long time. I would like to thank Mishima City for helping this place, the home of those who learn from Okido Yoga, be reborn as a beautiful green space in the village. Also, I thank all the volunteers for their enormous efforts into various practical tasks for this project in the Okido-Yoga-like spirit of service.

9 thoughts on “Mishima – Unveiling the Stone Monument

  1. Thank you for sharing ! What a wonderful way to commemorate Oki-sensei !
    I stayed in the dojo for some months in 1984… Since the dojo is gone, it’s nice to have a place to visit if I ever go back to Japan (and old dream…) ! Thank you !

    • Wim, Thank you for your comment. It will be very nice if you can visit the place one day. Even if not possible physically, you can visit it every day in your heart.

  2. Very nice memorial!

    I noticed on one of the photos of the memorial that there is a QR- code link to Masahiro Oki Memorial Museum.

    Can you tell us little about the museum.

    • Kiran, Thank you for your comment. The QR code let you jump to the website of Masahiro Oki Memorial Museum. At present it has the minimum content and is written only in Japanese. The content will grow eventually. You van visit the webpage from https://okimasahiro.yoga/

  3. Tomoko Sensei, thank you for sharing the pictures from the ceremony and your message to the project team. It’s really nice to see the pictures. The stone itself is very beautiful and really does seem alive, especially in the light showing in the top photograph. I recognise that the spirit of cooperation that you speak of is one of the key things I have learnt from Okido Yoga. And it’s so important because it promotes respect, trust and understanding, which we definitely need more of, for a peaceful world.

  4. Kind memories from the time I spend in the Dojo. And from the inspiration of Oki Sensei and the gentleness and dedication of all the staff.
    His inspiration has been the basis of all I ever did afterwards…

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