Six sets of acupoints for the eyes

‘Daily Life Yoga’, one of Masahiro Oki’s Japanese books, is being translated for future publication. Here is a part of it, which introduces acupressure to six sets of acupoints for the eyes. It can be easily done wherever.

Muscles around our eyes become tense and tired when we look at a fixed object long. We tend to do so. Generally speaking, balance of use and rest is essential for health. Acupressure to these acupoints is good to relax the muscles around the eyes.

It does not mean that pressing in whatever way is good. Strength, duration, rhythm and so on are important elements to bring effective relaxation. The answer to this is to be found within oneself.

Here are some tips from my experience: When you press,
– physically do not much tense your shoulders, neck, arms, fingers and so on.
– close your eyes and draw your mind inwards,
– connect your mind to slow deep breathing, and
– press acupoints when your abdomen is gently drawn inwards on exhalation.  
You can press on each exhalation and release on each inhalation. Or you can hold the same pressure for a while as you repeat exhaling and inhaling for several times. Try to bring a state that your body, mind and breath feel merging together (a meditative state), which is the essence of yogic exercises.

1 The first set of points is below the earlobes and behind the jaw. Press the points on both sides with your thumbs up towards your eyes. Also rub and squeeze them.

2 The second set of points is in the middle of the sternocleidomastoid muscle on each side, which runs diagonally from under the ear to the lowest part of the throat. Press the points on both sides with your index fingers as if you are poking them inwards.

3 The third set of points is under the lower jaws and diagonally upwards from the Adam’s apple. Press the points on both sides with your index fingers as if you are pushing them towards the eyes, and rub them with pressure.

4 The fourth set of points is beside the nose wings and below the cheekbones. Apply acupressure to the points on both sides as if you are lifting them towards the eyes with the index fingers.

5 The fifth set of points is at the depression of the temples. Apply acupressure to the points on both sides with your thumbs while supporting the back of your head with other fingers, rubbing and squeezing the points as well.

6 To find the sixth set of points, draw an imaginary, horizontal line from the top of the ears to the back of the head, and find a very shallow hollow just behind each eye. Apply acupressure to the points on both sides, pressing them towards the direction of the eyes with your thumbs.

11 thoughts on “Six sets of acupoints for the eyes

    • A small care on daily basis does help. If we could just switch off our mind from doing things on and on until collapsing …

  1. Tomoko Sensei, Thank you for putting together this post. I enjoyed working on these points when you included them in a class but hadn’t noted them. It’s very helpful to have the photographs. I can definitely feel an immediate connection to the eyes when applying acupressure to the points.

    • Dear Junko, Thank you for your comment. I often do this when my thinking gets stuck at desk work. I feel it helps easing the tension and bringing back a flow.

  2. I woke up this morning with a slight migrain so thought i would try these eye exercises so far it has released the pressure for me and i feel much better. Thanks Tomoko.

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