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I have picked up some more words from Oki-sensei’s Japanese lecture given on 1978.9.29, as follow:

I think that all methods to lead us to saving, enlightening, restoring health or making wishes true are concluded only as one way. It is that we search, devise and make efforts to practise a way of living to make our innate life force happy. For example, our life force is happy when the body is flexible, the breathing is deep and when we take suitable nutrition, but it is not happy when we have poor elimination.

The other day when I gave a seminar to many business people, one of the questions I was asked was how one could earn good money in business. You can’t know how because you see a situation only from your point of view. Say, if you as a customer stand in front of your shop, is it a shop you would like to enter, or a shop you want to pay your money to? Think like this in different perspectives.

This means: you must have capacity to listen. If you want to make your life force happy, you must listen to its voice. Otherwise, you cannot enhance your natural recovery power even if you want to do so. Your life force is constantly appealing to you about what it needs. Please try to listen to those requests.

Also, always make a ‘yes’ response. A ‘yes’ response means that you respond to anything with a thankful mind.

Also, interpret and treat everything as a divine blessing given from the universe. Cultivate your mind so that it instantly works in this way, for example, even in a simple action of drinking a glass of water.

Also, when you deal in a particular situation, if you imagine as if you are a divine being, you will treat the situation in a better way.

These are from yoga training in Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Bakthi, Samadhi, Buddhi and Prasad.

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  1. I want to say a very deep Thanks for this blog that bring all of us togheter and for sharing
    Your life force is constantly appealing to you about what it needs. Please try to listen to those requests,
    Daylife is so precious but we easly get lost , not force and continue are the principle , I wrote them in my house , in the kitchen when I cook

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