Bearing Points when you practise 20-minute exercises on floor

How effective these exercises are is not measured by appearance; that somebody bends a lot and another looks stiff. Some people are naturally suppler than others. However, in a supple person, suppleness could be only in the partial body, not in the whole. So, let us move away from these words ‘supple’ or ‘stiff’ and respect our own unique reality. I think that, when we practise yoga exercises as bearing principle points with harmonised breath and mindfulness, everybody gets effects in a similar degree.

The video, during the first several seconds, shows important notes: Breathe through nose, Hamonise breath and movement, Flow at your own pace. I simplified these notes as much as possible in order not to make your mind busy, but these contain ‘Please do not force your body as holding breath’, that is to say, ‘Don’t do ‘push and push’ when you find your body not moving any farther against your expectation’. In this case, not all conditions may be fulfilled to move your body any father. A forcing action does not change a long-established status. Breath holding involves a conscious action and is used for a different purpose in yoga practice.

So, please let the video run by your side and practise at your breathing pace, and sometimes, visit this page to check the bearing points in each exercise, which will refine your practice.

2 thoughts on “Bearing Points when you practise 20-minute exercises on floor

  1. I loved this session. Have been doing OkiDo yoga for several years and look forward to your videos. I am in Australia and wondering if there is a way I can be included in all of your videos. Just don’t want to miss out on all your valuable information and exercises. Would love to do a retreat with you one of these days when life gets back to normal. Thank you for all your valuable knowledge. In loving light Karen

    • Thank you for your comment. Good to hear it is useful. There are 3 ways not to miss information from Okido Yoga UK.
      1. If it is only about our videos, you can subscribe to us on Youtube. There are only 5 videos at present. To touch philosophy, accessing to our bog is the best where I post about once or twice a month.
      2. A new video or post is informed in the facebook group called ‘Okido Yoga Gathering’.
      3. Another way is to ask for being in the mail list of Okido Yoga UK. If you want this, please email .
      Lastly, I will be able to give a one-off 2-hour online lesson if you can find 5 or more people. Please email.

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