‘Decide with Awareness and Responsibility’ – my thought on a topic shared by a student

A student once said, “Even though I think I understand Oki-sensei’s philosophy introduced in the articles of this blog by reading and thinking over the words, I can’t actually use it well. For example, when I took a yoga lesson from my teacher and was asked to write feedback, I thought that I should write it.… Read more

My Thoughts triggered by Masahiro Oki’s ‘Three Principles of Becoming Healthy’

In my last post, Masahiro Oki’s “Three Principles of Becoming Healthy,” he states the following three things as the principles of becoming healthy as human beings.

1)- In order to improve our ability of maintaining physiological balance, it is important to regulate and enhance our body’s functions by keeping a natural posture at all times, taking a suitable diet, and improving our sensibility through full breathing.… Read more

Mishima Dojo – Now

The building of Okido Yoga Dojo in Mishima, near Mt. Fuji, was demolished around 2010 due to deterioration. As the result of subsequent researches and discussions, it was decided to donate the land to Mishima City to make it a park, and to put a memorial stone (photo) at one spot of the park.… Read more