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Autumn Retreat 2013, Suffolk – Tomoko Mori

‘Five Ws and One H’ is a guideline to write a good objective report which illustrates a whole story – thus we are taught at school. So, there my report starts.

Who: as in the photograph
Where: as in the title
When: 17 - 21 October 2013
Why: to experience benefits of Okido Yoga for individual purposes and more

Thursday 17 October – The retreat opened at 7:30pm. Light supper, introduction, and ginger compress. Programme ended at 10:15pm.

Friday 18 October – Wake-up at 7am. Outdoor morning exercises, walking or jogging, breakfast, lesson on correct postures for daily life activities, lunch and rest, natural movement with music, general yoga lesson and meditation, supper, and shiatsu. Programme ended at 9:30pm.

Saturday 19 October – Wake-up at 6:30am. Indoor morning exercises and chanting, breakfast, cleaning, 7.5 mile country walk, picnic lunch, footbath, general yoga lesson and relaxation, supper, singing and laughing, and chamomile compress. Programme ended at 9:45pm.

Sunday 20 October – Wake-up at 6:15am. Indoor morning exercises, jogging or walking, breakfast, lesson on basic principles of movement, outdoor dynamic exercises and games, lunch and rest, general yoga lessons and meditation, discussion and Q&A, supper, self-report writing, and ginger oil massage. Programme ended at 9:30pm.

Monday 21 October – Wake-up at 6:10am. Indoor morning exercises and chanting, jogging or walking, light breakfast, asana and meditation, last meal, whole house cleaning, and final gathering. The retreat ended at 2:30pm.


In line with common sense and a natural morality for human life, which in yoga is presented as 'yama and niyama'. In line with a practical guidance presented in Okido Yoga, for an attitude of searching for truth: ‘Force Not, Waste Not, but Continue’ and ‘Believe Not, Doubt Not, but Experience’.

And now, I would like to write further than 'Five Ws and One H'

Personal Comments:

Everybody learned and enjoyed a lot.This experience would be internalised to grow in each of us as roots grow under the ground. I loved everybody. This feeling is still continuing in a gentle mode, for people whose personal details I know very little of. Oki sensei's training formula has been working.

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In the related article (issue 16), a participant shares his experience in this retreat.

final gathering

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