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Gatherings are also important elements in the learning and practice of Okido Yoga. Because we humans cannot live alone and are multi-dimensional beings, our health both in body and mind are enormously influenced by how we associate with other people in society. A key point is that each of us acts freely and comfortably as well as respecting and appreciating others' being and doing. How can we share some time and space with unknown people? In a closed mind or open mind? If the whole atmosphere is friendly, it will motivate many of us to be open, and we will feel good! So, we can start off like that...

Online Gathering

Okido Yoga is everyday-life yoga. With this spirit, we run residential courses. However, it is not so easy to attend them. A more essential thing is make each person's home a 'dojo', in Japanese, a place to search for truth by various training physically, mentally and through daily life. While living apart, locally or internationally, we can still share learnings and encourage each other while sitting in our own home comfortably and connecting via Zoom.

Upcoming: Saturday 15 October 2022, 8:00-9:00pm. Free of charge.
Please send enquiries or booking to contact@okidoyoga.org.uk.

2019 June - Summer Social Gathering

We hold occasional social gatherings. This was the most recent one before Coronavirus lockdowns. Such simple fun calls forth joy to be in a good company. We would like to do some more once we are able to gather freely.

2014 July - 30th Anniversary Celebration

Okido Yoga UK celebrated its 30th anniversary in the summer of 2014 since its formal establishment. Although we have never had our own centre, and our activities have always been small in scale, we have managed to run the organisation with a pure motivation and a sincere attitude, bearing in mind Oki-sensi’s words “Make a pure organisation, however small it is”. On 5 July 2014, 70 people, old and new friends, gathered at a rented hall of the Quaker Meeting House in Watford near London, and had a most wonderful celebration event lasting the whole evening, blessed by a comfortable summer breeze.... Read more in our News pages

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