Mishima Dojo – Now

The building of Okido Yoga Dojo in Mishima, near Mt. Fuji, was demolished around 2010 due to deterioration. As the result of subsequent researches and discussions, it was decided to donate the land to Mishima City to make it a park, and to put a memorial stone (photo) at one spot of the park.… Read more

Training Hara, Centre of Gravity

Approaching from the vertical central axis

Many similar videos can be found on Youtube, but I just want you to look at this one below introduced in a course I attended – ‘Bones For Life’ founded by Ruthy Alon. Looking at this video, I would like to express some thoughts about Hara and the natural body, which can be approached from awareness of the body’s central axis.… Read more

Effects of Online Lessons

So far I have been receiving very good feedbacks, and so I think the attendees have been receiving benefits on physical aspects. Readers, please put your comments as you wish. Here in this post, I describe my own feedback about ‘Effects in mind occurring through Online Lessons’.… Read more

Change your perspectives

I have picked up some more words from Oki-sensei’s Japanese lecture given on 1978.9.29, as follow:

I think that all methods to lead us to saving, enlightening, restoring health or making wishes true are concluded only as one way. It is that we search, devise and make efforts to practise a way of living to make our innate life force happy.… Read more

What yoga teaches

Here is what I picked up from Oki-sensei’s lectures ‘What is yoga?’ (1978.7.28 & 1978.9.29).

Meaning of the word ‘yoga’ 

The word ‘yoga’ means ‘to unite’ or ‘to yoke’ and refers to uniting the Plus Force and Minus Force. Nature works as plus and minus forces perpetually change, move towards balance and reach stability.… Read more