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Attendees' feedback from Spring Retreat, 13-15 April 2018

I have been attending Okido Yoga classes for 9 years. Over those years I reaped many benefits especially with my breathing. Over this time I have been privileged to attend 2 retreats. One of them being the most recent, the Spring retreat at Loudwater Farm, Rickmansworth. It was a lovely venue, beautiful setting and very peaceful. It was an opportunity to meet up with old friends and meet new ones. There were ten participants and 3 staff. It was a lovely time when one could forget everyday life and just concentrate on oneself without feeling selfish. No two classes were the same and we also had time to enjoy the beautiful weather with a daily walk and some classes outside. Tomoko, Anna and Junko produced beautiful food which was amazing, so much so that we are hoping that we can arrange some cookery classes. Not all the time was taken up with classes, but we were shown how to apply ginger compresses which were very relaxing. Also we read and knitted if one wished. We finished the retreat with the last class concentrating on our breath and meditation which was just the ideal way to finish the week end. A big thank you for all the hard work to Tomoko, Anna and Junko.

* * * * * * *

Okido Yoga Spring Retreat is a wonderful experience. Tomoko, Anna and Junko, the teachers of the Retreat, gave a lot of love and care to experience the many powerful movements of Okido Yoga. They gave me a lot of power to do the movements and all the other lovely experience with the other members of the group. The beautiful location and the good food made the Retreat complete.

river chess

* * * * * *

The retreat enabled me to create time and space to reflect upon how I live my life and what changes might benefit me.

The retreat gave me a chance to focus on the benefits that yoga can bring to my body, mind and existence.

The retreat experience took me out of my comfort zone and challenged me both physically and mentally yet left me feeling positive, relaxed and refreshed.

The retreat was a chance to meet and work with new people and experience different perspectives.

* * * * * *

I have attended Okido Yoga on a regular basis for the last 8 years, including 2 retreats. My teacher, Tomoko, has a wealth of experience in the application and practice in the art of Okido yoga. I have learnt through practice. This form of yoga has helped me to connect to my inner being, through postures, breath work, nutrition and principles. My experience of the retreats I have attended is that all the staff are supportive and giving of themselves, which in my experience, has helped me to achieve more balance and peace in my daily life.

* * * * * *

Thank you so much for organising this weekend course. I enjoyed everything, the yoga, the walk, the exercises, the food and the art session. Everything was good! It has cleared the toxins out of my body, and left me feeling so much better!

impression to expresson

* * * * * *

This Spring Retreat was a beneficial experience for me. Loudwater Farm is a very suitable venue for groups such as our Okido Yoga – with good facilities and a tranquil atmosphere. Some of the activities are challenging, but I feel so nurtured by Tomoko, Junko and Anna, providing the programme, and spending hours preparing high quality food with love and care. It is good to meet new students and spend quiet time with them.

Thank you to you all.


* * * * * *

I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Spring retreat. Thank you very much for another experience of harmonious cooperation and for all you generously shared. It was a small group, which made it more personal and cohesive. I really liked the venue surrounded in nature and in tune with our Okido Yoga spirit.

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