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maria speech Maria (Junko Maria Furugori) completed the Okido Yoga teacher training course on 31 December 2010. On 8 February, we did her certificate presentation, and all participants celebrated her achievement with Demeter biscuits and wild fennel tea in the North London class.

maria speech Okido Yoga teachers (from left): Tomoko, Maria and Michael

Michael and Maria are working on a basis of private business. For information about their teaching activities, please see our Approved teachers page.

Maria's Speech

“As some of you know, I encountered Okido Yoga at a time when my health was suffering. I benefitted so much from it that it led me to my simple but genuine desire to share it with others. That was the reason I decided to undertake the teacher training course. In the last four years, through exploring the very deep teachings of Master Oki, I have learnt so much about myself, and life. Most of all, I've learnt that there is a source of peace and joy deep inside and that it's  possible to connect with it. This is what I'd like to most share with others. I'm very happy to receive this diploma because it allows me to do this. I consider this moment a milestone in my journey and the beginning of a new stage in my training and practice.

I have many people to thank for having got here. Firstly, Mori, who was my first teacher and the one who inspired me to pursue my Okido studies. My main teachers, Tomoko and Mizue. Okido Natural Health Education Trust Ltd and the trustees. I'm very happy that Michael, my study and travel companion is here and also my dear friend Parul who's so often counselled and encouraged me. And thank you to all of you for allowing me to do my teaching practice - you've been very patient.”

How is Michael Cullingworth doing?

I completed the teacher training course in January 2010 with many thanks to all who taught, facilitated and accompanied me up to that point. Since then, as well as my yoga holidays in Turkey, I have been experimenting with a series of monthly, whole day workshops in London - the last before Turkey will be at the beginning of April. These longer sessions give the opportunity to prepare for more ambitious asanas and kyokaho than is possible in a shorter class as well as gradually introducing elements such as pranayama, corrective exercises, treatment and meditation to build up a full experience of the yoga practice.

Naturally my main focus continues to be on the week-long courses that I run with Pervin, my partner, in Turkey. Our courage and capacity increased a lot last year. This coming summer we will be equally busy, living as close to a natural life as possible and encouraging everyone to release their joyful, light spirit.”

Participant's Voice – Tania Kaczynski

crocus “I have been attending Okido Yoga classes for 12 years. When I first started, I was very ill, my body and spirit was in a crisis, and I was diagnosed with Multipe Sclerosis. Since attending, I feel much stronger in all areas and am able to face difficulties of life better. Throughout her lessons, Tomoko explains clearly the activities and the philosophy of Okido Yoga. The effect of the class lasts much longer than the 2 hours. The class has a warm and supportive feeling, never with competition with others, always with a communal spirit of togetherness. Okida Yoga has kept me strong and flexible, in mind and body, and helped and supported me profoundly.”

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