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  Issue 2, 25 March 2011

    To everyone suffering from the recent natural and humanitarian disasters in the world, we would like express our sincere condolences for their loss, and send all the best wishes for their future. We will encourage ourselves to now act in a practical way in our individual circumstances, as well as to reflect upon and put into practice in the long term the most basic and essential  values of human life.

Greetings from Alaska - Florence Price

Hi Everyone, I am staying in Ioina Community ( on the Kenai Peninsula, south of Anchorage. We got four hours of day light in mid winter. and at the end of February, we felt the beginnings of spring on its way just as you surely did. I send you some photos and look forwards to rejoining you in the yoga class.

bleak landscape
Snow drifts in a bleak landscape
cook inlet and mt redoubt  
The sea Cook Inlet and Mt Redoubt - a view from our beach  
me dog mushing
Me Dog Mushing - an Alaskan sport which I found myself doing again
northern light
The Northern Light
camp fire
Camp Fire on a Winter camping trip up in the mountains

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