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Okido Yoga also known as Oki-Do Yoga, Oki Do Yoga or Oki Yoga

      The word ‘Okido [ɔkɪ´dɔː] consists of two parts; Oki [ɔ´kɪ], the surname of the founder, and the word ‘Do [dɔː] which translates as ‘path’ or ‘way of searching for truth in life’. Masahiro Oki, a Japanese master, developed his profound understanding of human nature from his family background, his practice of many different disciplines, and his study with great teachers, including teachers of different religions. His philosophy, disciplined practice and healing arts were integrated through his living experience, particularly with Indian Yoga, the Chinese Yin-Yang principles and the Japanese Zen tradition, preserving an inclusive cooperative approach to all who search for truth. This wholeness of philosophy, discipline and healing arts has been named Okido Yoga.

        Okido Yoga is based on the belief that true knowledge comes from an awakening of deep personal inner wisdom and that this can only be gained through individual experience of the natural laws of Change, Balance and Stability. Its practice addresses four aspects of human development - diet, breath, movement and mind-heart, whilst considering life holistically. It also emphasizes the importance of learning to work with, and for, others as it is not possible to create a balanced life that does not include harmonious and caring interaction within society. Its teachings are understandable and practical in the modern way of life. Okido Yoga is neutral from any religious group, and yet respects one and all beings. To read more about Okido Yoga, the book ‘Meditation Yoga’ by Masahiro Oki is available as a publication.

About us

      Between 1975 and 1983, Master Oki, as well as other teachers such as Mizue Tamaki, made teaching trips to the UK many times. With increased interest, we were established in 1984 with Master Oki himself as one of our original trustees, and have been presenting Okido Yoga in the UK since then.

       Our activities have been small in scale. However, we are trying to run them with pure motivation and a sincere attitude as Master Oki said, “Make a pure organization, however small it is”. We aim to bring a fresh view, both useful and encouraging, and practical methods to people who are facing difficulties, whether physical, mental or emotional, often caused by unbalanced or habitual life-styles.

        Our activities have been run by our employed teacher, Tomoko Mori, hugely supported by her late husband, Hirotsugu Mori. Also, we have been given invaluable aid by Oki Yoga Institute Japan* (Mishima Dōjō), Stichting Okido Yoga Dojo Nederland (Laren Dōjō), and many other individuals.

Nowadays it does not operate as when Master Oki was alive, but half-fasting seminars are regularly held in the Japanese language.

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