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The motto in practicing Okido Yoga is: Force not, Waste not, but Continue.



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     Workshops / Residential Seminars

Saturday Morning

      19 Aug 2017         Watford, Herts. UK    info/application
     Saturday Morning       16 Sep 2017         Watford, Herts. UK   info/application
Amsterdam Workshop

   23 & 24 Sep 2017         Amsterdam, Holland    info/application
   Asana, practised as
    a Dhyana traaining 
      14 Oct 2017              London, UK    info/application
   Autumn Retreat 2017      20-23 Oct 2017         Gloucestershire, UK    info/application
     Saturday Morning        18 Nov 2017         Watford, Herts. UK   info/application
    Residential Weekend        1-3 Dec 2017              Laren, Holland    info/application

Weekly Classes   information 
Aiming to guide each participant to experience a more balanced state, lessons consist   of uniquely designed Okido Yoga exercises and āsana, taught in aninter-relational view   of body and mind. A typical lesson includes warming-up, stretching, balance-correcting, hara-strengthening and breathing exercises, as well as āsana and meditation. 

Residential Courses 
The training or healing way in Okido Yoga is holistic.Okido Yoga is concerned with how one can apply  the learnt lessons or gained information to one’s daily life.  Our intensive residential courses are directed  towards an enjoyable experience  of life-style  with the essence of Okido Yoga, and offer opportunities for participants to reflect upon their daily routines,  to become self-responsible  both happily and creatively, and  to become more harmonious with other people and the environment. 
Please read Course Report to see how it would be.  

Workshops & Private Lessons 
We can supply  a teacher  if you would like to organise your own study group,  whether for one trial session or regular meetings.

Teacher Training 
Sincere students  who have been regularly attending weekly lessons, workshops and residential courses of Okido Yoga for some years and have genuine interest  in Master Oki’s teachings are  recommended and supported  to take a further study course,  the 4 year teacher training that we run in cooperation with Stichting Okido Yoga Dojo Nederland.

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